Utah Parks - CampingCamp Maple Dell FAQs

 Camp Maple Dell FAQ's


1. What we offer.

     1 a. Summer Camps:

  • Summer Camp: Maple Dell is the council’s Flag Ship camp, established in 1946. We are a traditional Scout Camp with the program for Scouts ages 11-18. 
    • For the young first-year Scouts, we have the Trail to First Class program that assists them with learning many of the skills needed to pass off the majority of the requirements for the Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks. 
    • For 12-13-year-old Scouts, we have a robust merit badge program and some elements of high adventure.
    • OLDER SCOUTS can sign up for the Frontiersman Program which is focused on preparing older boys for being out on their own and for life missions, teaching skills like cooking, sewing, and self-reliance while the whole program is wrapped in a fun frontier mountain man theme.
  • Want to learn more about the camp's programs? Click here for the Camp Maple Dell's Program Guide, (PDF).

Don't know how to Register? Click here for instructions.

     1 b. Other Exciting Activities:

  • Maple Dell Klondike Adventure: It’s both a Klondike Derby and a High Adventure Activity. Scouts participate in a Klondike Derby Sled Race and stations like our Snowball Catapult launched by burning through a string, Tomahawks/Knife Throwing, and Teddy Bear Archery shooting. They then rotate into the High Adventure where they can spend their time on the Zip-Lines, Rifle Shooting, and Snow Shoeing activities
  • Girls Camps: Why should the boys have all the fun? Girls Camp participants at Maple Dell can have Camp Staff teach them outdoor skills requirements, as well as take advantage of the High Ropes Course, Zip Lines, Canoes/Rowboats, Swimming, Rifle shooting, Archery, Climbing Wall, Nature Center, and Hikes, Handicraft Pavilion, Camp Store, Hot Showers, Flush Toilets and Comfortable Campsites. Click here for Girls Camp Program information.
  • Weeknight High Ropes Course: We can schedule your group of 12 or more people to come to enjoy our High Ropes course and Zip-Lines on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday nights at 5:00 pm or on a Saturday morning.
  • Rifle Range: The Rifle Range is available on weekends for shooting. Prices include the range fee, the gun, the ammunition and camp staff to run the event.
  • Halloween Ghost Trails: During October we hold our annual Ghost Trails, two fun Halloween-themed walks around camp. There is a fun walk for young children followed by story time, and a suspense-filled scare walks for older youth and adults. To learn more about this spooky event click here.
  • Stake / Ward Activities: The Boy Scouts of America, Utah National Parks Council now offers its properties, equipment, experts, and program for use by stakes and wards.  As part of the 100+ year partnership between the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Boy Scouts of America, Stakes and Wards may utilize these BSA resources to accomplish their objectives and control their own outcomes.  Prices and programs are customizable to fit church interests at any of our Council properties.
  • Year-round Camping: Are you in charge of your family reunion this year? Don't worry, Maple Dell Scout Camp is an easy and beautiful place to host your family reunion. Check out other ways to utilize our camp!

2. Pricing and Dates:

  • Summer Camp:
    • Pricing:
      • Youth (ages 11-17): $208
      • Youth from outside the Utah National Parks Council boundaries: $238
      • Provisional Scouts-Solo Scout Weeks 3 and 6: $338
        • Includes supervision and buffet style dining
      • Adults: $40 (includes WiFi connection fees)
      • Down Payment: $250 per campsite. NON-REFUNDABLE?
    • Optional Costs:
      • Buffet Style Dining (Monday lunch-Saturday breakfast): $105 per person?
      • Guest meals: $7 per meal?
    • Are Camp Discounts available?
      • Register before November 1, 2018, for a $10 per youth discount
        • Register for Week 6 (July 22-27) or Week 7 (July 29-August 3) for an additional $10 per youth discount
        • **Large groups of 50 or more, such as LDS Stakes, should click here to get information on special group discounts and how to register
        • Dates: June 11-August 4 (excluding July 2-7)
        • Register today!
  • Girls Camp and Family Reunions:
    • Pricing: $45 per person per day.
  • High Ropes Course/Zip-lines (Available in Spring/Fall):
    • $10 per person
  • Rifle Range (Available in Spring/Fall):
    • $10 per person

3. Preparing for camp:

     3a. Required forms for ALL those attending camp:

     3b. Additional Scoutmaster Resources

5. What are the camp's policies and procedures?

  • Click here to download the Council Camp Leader's Guide, (PDF).

6. Directions to camp.

  • Click here to download a map to Maple Dell Scout Camp.

7. How old do youth need to be to come to camp?

  • Maple Dell offers programs for youth 11-18 years of age.

8. How many leaders do we need to bring to camp?

  • We require two leaders for any size group with one additional leader for every 6-8 youth.  As leaders, you may need to adjust this to accommodate the needs of your youth. You must still have two deep leadership.

9. What time is check-in?

  • All campers: 8:30 am-11:30 am on Mondays.  If you are traveling from out-of-state, contact Dave Johnson to inquire about the cost of overnight arrangements for the prior weekend. 

10. What about meals?

  • Camp Maple Dell offers wonderful buffet-style dining at $105.00 per person and $7.00 per guest meal. Troops many chose to bring their own food as well and can purchase ice from the Trading Post.

11. Is water available at camp?

  • Potable water is conveniently located to each campsite and throughout camp. 

12. Do I need to bring anything else to camp?

  • Tent, sleeping gear
  • A jacket and rain gear (a Scout is prepared).
  • If fires are allowed - firewood. Campers are welcome to pick up dead wood around the camp to use for firewood and use a camp saw to cut into small pieces. Campers are NOT allowed to cut branches off live trees and NOT allowed to use a chainsaw.
  • Encourage your youth and leaders to be in uniform.
  • Cooking supplies, including camp stoves, fire barrels.
  • Other helpful items to have at camp are sunscreen, bug spray, hats for everyone, water bottles, sunglasses, a day pack to carry your items, and Scout Handbook. 

13. Will the Trading Post be open? If so, what type of things will they have there?

  • The trading post will be open each day during your stay at camp. We stock merit badge supplies, pocket knives, crafts, flashlights, camp shirts, camping supplies, souvenirs, various snacks, and drinks.

14. What is the Duty to God award for this year?

15. What do the campsites look like?

  • Check out these pictures to see what the campsites look like.

16. Contact Information