Commissioner Science

Recent Recipients of the Doctor of Commissioner Science Degree

Judith W Hansen, Pony Express, 6 Dec 2012
 Project: College Dean, "Report and Evaluation of Commissioner College in Spanish Fork, Utah, 3 Nov 2012
Richard DuBois, Battle Creek, 3 Nov 2012
 Training District Leaders in the Journey to Excellence Program
Grant Schiess, Uintah, 22 Sep 2012
 LDS Leader Recipients of the Silver Buffalo Award
Don DeCamp, Uintah, 13 Sep 2012
 Improving Roundtable Attendance
David Garstin, Pony Express, 19 Jun 2012
  Venturing Officers Role Play Scenario - A Tool for Venturers
Dennie Duering, Battle Creek, 24 Feb 2012
  Scouting Leader Guide: Bringing Young Men to Christ through Scouting
Norman K Thurston, Rock Canyon, 22 Feb 2012
  How to Create A New Calendar Event for a Commissioner College
Lee Duane Hansen, Pony Express, 14 Dec 2011
  Potential Sites for Scout Camps Near Utah Lake
Russell Davis, Snow Canyon, 26 Nov 2011
  Being a Unit Commissioner: - For Retired Adult Scout Leaders of the Boy Scouts of America

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